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  • How does it work?
    The kits include everything needed to capture up to two fingerprints using silver clay, following simple 3 step instructions. Your silver clay fingerprint impressions are then returned to Becca Macdonald Studio in a jewellery box and pre-paid envelope, to be transformed into your finished fingerprint jewellery. You will dictate the design and confirm the delivery address for your finished jewellery on an order form that is returned with your silver clay fingerprints.
  • What is silver clay?
    Silver clay is a manmade material that combines recycled silver particles with a natural binder. During firing, the binder burns away and the silver particles melt back together, resulting in a solid silver piece. Freshly opened silver clay air dries quickly and fingerprints cannot be captured if the silver clay becomes too dry, so it is strongly advised that you fully read the instructions before opening the silver clay.
  • What is included in the kits?
    Enough silver clay to capture up to two fingerprints, illustrated instructions, online tutorial password, non-stick working surface, jewellery box, order form and a pre-paid UK return envelope.
  • What if my silver clay fingerprints have cracked edges?
    Don't worry, the edges of your fingerprint charms will be refined so that your finished fingerprint jewellery looks beautiful!
  • What if I'm not happy with my silver clay fingerprints?
    If you are not happy with your first prints, you can rework the Silver Clay a couple of times and redo your fingerprints before the Silver Clay becomes too dry. But if you are unsuccessful at capturing fingerprint impressions that you are happy with, you can buy additional silver clay HERE.
  • When will I receive my finished jewellery?
    On receiving your silver clay fingerprints, your finished jewellery will be completed within 4-6 weeks.
  • Can I make two necklaces?
    Yes. You can specify that you would like to make two necklaces (or two bracelets) on your order form. There will be an additional charge for the second chain, which will be invoiced when your fingerprints are received by Becca Macdonald Studio.
  • How do I make a double sided fingerprint pendant?
    Purchase the fingerprint necklace kit and the instructions will explain how to make a double sided fingerprint charm.
  • I'd like three fingerprints on my necklace, is this possible?
    Yes, if additional Silver Clay is purchased HERE.
  • Can I have a different style of chain for my necklace?
    Yes for an additional cost. Make a note on your order form of your chain preference and Becca Macdonald Studio will confirm your chain choice with you when your fingerprint impressions are received.
  • Can I make rose gold fingerprint jewellery?
    Yes. Golden fingerprint jewellery is achieved by a thick layer of gold being applied on top of the finished silver jewellery. You can specify if you would like a yellow gold or rose gold finish on your order form.
  • Can I make solid gold fingerprint jewellery?
    Yes, but the process is slightly different. An alternative material to Silver Clay would be used to capture your fingerprint impressions. Email if you would like to make solid gold fingerprint jewellery.
  • Is it suitable for baby fingerprints?
    Yes but children must be supervised when handling the silver clay.
  • Is silver clay safe to use with pets?
    Silver clay is a non-toxic material, but using it with your pet is a decision made at the pet owners discretion.
  • Where do I return my fingerprint impressions to?
    When you are ready to return your fingerprints, log your fingerprint return HERE and the return address will be revealed.
  • How long do I have to use my fingerprint kit?
    The Personal Touch Jewellery Crafting Kit must be used within 12 months of the purchase date. The kit 'use by' date is stated on the outside of the box and in the product description before purchasing online.
  • What if I return my fingerprints after the 'use by' date?
    If you return your fingerprints up to 6 months after your kit's 'use by' date, you will be charged a late handling fee of £30 which will be requested when your fingerprints are received by Becca Macdonald Studio. Kits older than 18 months cannot be redeemed and your returned fingerprints will not be processed. This is due to the rising cost of precious metals, missed allocated workshop time and change of studio address.
  • What happens if the firing of my fingerprints is unsuccessful?
    In very rare circumstances, fingerprints don't survive the firing. This is usually due to an air bubble trapped inside the fingerprint, but as with ceramics, there is an element of risk and chance during the firing process. If your fingerprint firing is unsuccessful, you will be offered the opportunity to capture new fingerprints with fresh silver clay.
  • Can I return my fingerprint kit for a refund?
    The Personal Touch Jewellery Crafting Kit is non-refundable as soon as the silver clay is removed from the packaging, as the silver clay perishes quickly. These DIY kits will not be accepted for a refund due to a lack of care. Please pay close attention to the instructions provided in the kit and the tutorial video available online. Responsibility can not be accepted if your returned fingerprint impressions are lost in the post. UK First Class return delivery is included in the kits, but you can choose to use a tracked delivery service instead if you would prefer.
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