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"The fingerprint jewellery created in your hands and finished in mine" 

🎄 Fingerprint Jewellery for Christmas 🎄

If you would like finished fingerprint jewellery sitting under your tree this Christmas, the deadline to return your fingerprint impressions to Becca Macdonald Studio is by 20th November.

The Personal Touch Jewellery Crafting Kit will then continue to be available to gift as a DIY kit, until the online shop closes on 15th December.

With this kit you can capture up to two fingerprints using Silver Clay.

Silver Clay is a magical material which combines recycled silver particles with a natural binder and transforms into solid silver after firing.

No moulds will be made and no casts will be copied. 

The exact fingerprints that you capture will become the jewellery that you treasure. 

Of all the billions of people in the world, no two of us will have the same fingerprints, not even identical twins... There really is nothing more unique to a loved one. 

Celebrate life milestones with a personal touch.

blue_blue lines.jpg
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